I recently replaced the electric window mechanism on my 5 door Stilo after the cable snapped, sorry there are no pictures but I hope this step by step guide helps:

1. Removal of internal door trim panel

- Pry off screw cover behind internal door handle
- Pry off control panell on arm rest and disconnect plug
- Remove 3 cap (Allen) screws, 1 behind internal door handle, 1 below arm
rest and 1 in gap left after removal of control panel
- Remove 4 Philips screws along bottom of trim
- Pry off tweeker speaker, clipped on, and disconnect plug
- Pry off door trim, held on by clips on either side
- Lift trim panel up and away from door, be careful of alarm LED cable at top
of door (non-hinge side)
- Disconnect alarm LED cable
-Disconnect cable attached to internal door handle, small plastic locking clip
- Lift trim panel off

2. Removal of steel panel

- Disconnect and remove window winder motor, 3 cap screws.
- Unplug main cable between door and door frame
- Pull back 2 rubber caps (about 30mmm dia halfway down door)
- Slide window down until window support clips are in line with holes
- Push in white plastic buttons, thay support the window,until they are clear
of the glass
- Pull glass up and out of the door frame, it comes out easily.
- Undo 3 Torx screws holding the door lock in place
- Remove the door speaker
- Drill out the 4 pop rivets holding the winder assembly in place
- Push out the 4 plastic plugs that locate the cable winder (centre of door)
- Undo the hex bolts around the steel panel
- Pull panel away from door
- Pull out the winder assembly

Assembly of the new winder is more or less a reverse of the above procedure.
Before fully assembling, but after pop riveting new assembly on, connect winder motor and make sure that the window is operating correctly.

New pop rivets are supplied with the kit
The kit costs approx £50 inc vat

It is easier to do this job with two people, one to support the steel panel. I did not remove the panel completely as it entails the removal of the door lock assembly.