Removal of internal door trim panel

- Pry off screw cover behind internal door handle
- Pry off control panel on arm rest and disconnect plug

- Remove 4 (Allen) screws, 1 behind internal door handle, 2 below arm
rest and 1 on the door pocket
- Remove 4 Philips screws along bottom of trim
- Pry off tweeker speaker, clipped on, and disconnect plug

- Remove 1 (Allen) screw from where electric window control mechanism was

- Pull the door trim away from down, there are puch clips holding it down either side, the interior door trim will not come off at this point but just come away from the door

- Lift the trim panel up and away from door, be careful of alarm LED cable at top
of door (non-hinge side) and the puddle light if you have them

- Disconnect the alarm LED cable

- Disconnect the cable attached to internal door handle or remove screw holding internal door handle to internal door panel on the reverse side and remove door handle through door panel and place to one side

- Lift trim panel off

Now your door internals should look like this