Well I finally got round to fitting the bull bar which involved removal of the grill etc, also a lot of cutting of the centre lower grill etc to fit the bulbar brackets, see below for steps on removal.

1st remove the headlights 2X bolts each side - 1st disconnect the wiring by sliding the grey locking tabs towards the middle of the vehicle, which will release & eject the complete connector off the headlight terminals. As stated there are 2 bolts either side 1 at the back on the inner guard & 1 towards the middle of the radiator support panel, for both you will need a T30 Torx driver. The inner guard ones are M10 bolts with a "plastic" extension with a T30 a metal caged socket to help avoid breaking the plastic extension. To remove the headlights just slide the headlight assembly toward the centre of the vehicle.


You will then see there are a total of 8 T30 Torx head bolts across the top that secure the grill, remove these. These are different from the rest of the similar bolts used elsewhere by having a deeper ridge than normal to cater for the thicker plastic used on the grill. (this point is irrelevant if your only removing the grill), once these are removed there are 2 plastic split retainers at the bottom outer edges just below the silver part, these can be very hard to undo, & can & do break easily ( suggest some WD40 can help), in total there are 4x clips & 1x location pin each side as well as the 4 clips across the bottom of the grill, it should then be free for removal.


So the grill removal itself should be done with 2 people, one each side by lifting the Grill assembly evenly straight up at the same time, it may take a bit of a jolt to free it but once clear of the clips move the hood safety lever up to get clearance for the grill removal.


DO NOT TILT the grill until it is released from all the clips as this will break the clips. The clips are replaceable but if forced can also damage the cage they sit in if not careful. I used some lubricate to help on reinstallation.


That's it, just reinstall in reverse order.

I must admit I was surprised at what little protection the X295 has at the front, there is the bumper support between the chassis rails which is removed to fit the bullbar. Below that the only metal is the stiffening rail around the lower edge, a 40mm wide pressed rail to support & fix all the plastic bumpers, undertray & grill centre to. If you were unfortunate enough to hit a dog etc it would possibly damage the intercooler, condenser, radiator, undertray, sump & turbo inlet pipes. Out here there is also the added danger from Kangaroos, emus & others which can be sometimes rather large in size!

Hope this helps someone

Additional pics of the location of the 4 clip retainers for bottom of grill, the rear headlight retaining bolt with Plastic extension as well as the installed Bullbar.