Firstly. I have done this on my own car. You follow this guide at your own risk. I am not resposible for any damage done to your car or person.

Ok quite simple really take a flat blabe to the drivers window controll panel. i found it easier to leaver it in from the back and the side closest to your legs.

(on pic indicated by RED arrows)

there are 2 metal clips that you need to squeeze in to remove the control panel

(indicated by BLUE circles)

pic1.jpg - 1

now take off the electric connectors, there are two a long white one which should just pull out, and a blue one. for this one you have to push the black part down this releases the connector. Now the window switch is free to come out

now flip the controller upside down. you will see a large yellow plastic part this houses the circuit board, led's, and 4metal rockers, to take this out, you need to leaver it out with a flatblade. Best way to do this is to insert your flatblade at the side and hold it yellow side down in your hand. then leaver it out. This is because the 4 rockers are loose they can fall out and get lost.
pic upside down.jpg - upsidedown
pic rockers.jpg - picrockers

now this is a pic of mine. As you can see it looks like mine has actually burnt under one of the rockers on the passenger side

burnt connector.jpg - burnt connector

now to clean mine i used some tissue paper, a cotton ear bud will do fine. Gently clean the metal connectors, as much as you can im sure other people will say use some sort of liquid but this was fine for me

now for reassembly, keep the yellow part in your hand, circuit board and rockers facing up, and with your other hand pick up the other part of the controller, try to keep the window switches in the middle, this allows for easier reassembly. then pop back in the yellow part.

Reconnect the connectors in the door and FIRMLY push the window switch back into the door card and test.

This sorted my problem with the intermittent window operation

hope this helps