Well a regular complaint is the drivers door lock failing to open from the inside so here is how to replace and repair it ;)

reasonably simple

you will need

a pozzi driver
a set of Torx drivers
a set of alan keys
an old towel
Duct tape
Stanley knife

and for teh repair
a dremel with a cutting wheel
and a couple of 2mm o-rings or a couple of washers to fit the shaft

Right first to get to the door lock the door card has to come off

pick the electric window switch panel out of the door with a flat screw driver in the slot

next unhook the cable
now remove the 4-5 pozzi screws at the bottom of the door card

and the 3x socket cap Alan headed bolts (2 either side of the handle and one behind the door open pull catch ((under little cover that picks out))



Now pull at the bottom corner and release up the sides (plastic push fit clips)

put your old towel down to avoid scratching the door card

next lift the door card up slightly and unhook from the top of the door *(it hooks over)

and lower carefully

unhook the tweeter plug

and the door catch cable nipple and remove

followed by the outer cable retainer.

that should now have the door card off :slayer:

next cut an entry hole with a sharp knife or scissors at the upper left of the white door insulation foam/skin (in the area of the external door handle)

now you can get at the door lock unit..............

First un-clip the power cable multi plug pull the red tab down and this will release it

now unhook the 2 control rods swing the retaining clip open then unhook the control rod..

now get a torx driver and remove the 3 Torx retaining screws (near the door catch in the door edge)


now remove the door lock mechanism

and cable by uncliping the retainer plate

Now at this point you can fit your new door catch in reverse order....

However you "might" be able to repair it ((at your own risk)) its bust anyway but if you get it wrong you will not be able to lock/close your drivers door so check your local dealer has one in stock first and you have a willing chauffeur if its not in walking distance

Over time the metal release mechanism wears against the outer cover and slowly erodes it resulting in excessive play preventing the release mechanism catching on the door catch release blade

so first you have to get at it.... the door lock is held together by several torx screws and clips HOWEVER it is then clamped together by the metal clash/reinforcing plate.... preventing it been fully opened...

so this is where the dremal comes in

cut a slit as below:

next remove the torx screw

a bit more trimming round the door catch to break the hold and remove the section after unclipping the tab

now this is what area is worn

so push the plate back and fit 2 o-rings onto the shaft this prevents the free play which prevents it from making contact with the release catch....

and refit cover and refit to the car and cross your fingers .....