Sanding and Priming


Sanding & Priming

For this part, grab your ~400, ~1000 wet and dry sandpaper, and your primer.

Sanding (~400)

Simply, sand the door handle down until it is rough to touch. This will allow the primer to bond properly with the surface.

After sanding, ensure you wipe clean with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust etc.


After sanding, apply the coats of primer.

It is important that you do not attempt to 'thicken' parts of the primer which seem to still show the plastic underneath, the next coat will cover that.

Also, leave the correct drying time between coats.

Tip: if you angle the can right you can cover all sides of the handle:

DSC00532_2_.jpg DSC00534_2_.jpg

Sanding (~1000)

After applying the primer, sand the handle down until smooth to touch. This is essential as the colour will show any inconsistencies in the surface.

Again, wipe clean

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