What you will need:


Wetdry Sand paper (~1000, ~400)
Plastic Primer
A clear laquer
Some spray paint (if you are matching your car you should get this mixed specially)
Microfibre Cloth

Ideal Conditions:

"First, you should only paint when weather permits. This is assuming, of course, that you do not have a large climate controlled spray booth to do this in.
Your ambient temperatures should be between sixty (60°) and ninety-five (95°) degrees Fahrenhiedt. Or eighteen (18°) to thirty-five (35°) degrees Celcius.
The relative humidity should no more than 70 percent. Contrary to popular opinion this has nothing to do with the paint drying and everything to do with how it looks when dry. Relative humidity above seventy percent will cause the paint to dry "cloudy" from the trapped moisture"



This, in my opinion, is the most important part. If you do not mask correctly, the whole job is ruined the second you spray your first drop.

Take time to get a perfect edge around the handle, using a credit card or equivalent to ensure your masking material 'tucks' in the edges.

To mask the keyhole, I used a 5p coin wrapped in masking tape.

Remember that the paint will drift in the wind so ensure you cover more than just around the handle.

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