Step 1 ~ Disconnect and Remove Drivers side headlight unit (Series 1) from car (please note, front bumper panel needs loosening/removing to facilitate headlight unit removal).

Step 2 ~
Remove rubber cap/cover from back of headlight.

Step 3 ~
Disconnect wiring from headlight bulb and then remove bulb. Remove sidelight bulb complete with holder.

Step 4 ~
Remove headlight bulb spring holder, using star drive.

Step 5 ~
Twist 14 pin connector block clockwise and remove via the larger diameter hole.

Step 6 ~
Remove white insert from 14 pin connector block.
(You will notice that only 7 pins are in use out of the possible 14).

Step 7 ~
Please inspect the connector block (see picture immediately below) carefully in order to indentify the locations of the pins relative to the locating lugs etc.

standard 14 pin.jpg

Step 8 ~
If you intend to re use the old headlights then it is important that you label/number the various wires (using sticky labels?), so that these can be correctly wired to a Series 1 or Series 2 vehicle in future. Trace out the pins above and label the wires with the corresponding pin number.

Step 9 ~
Once all 7 wires have been labelled (see picture immediately below), the ‘wires/pins’ can be removed via the back of the 14 pin connector block. This is done by using a small screwdriver(s) and, from the front, releasing the locating/locking tab to facilitate removal of the connector pins via the back of the 14 pin connector. The pins should push out easily with no restrictions.


Step 10 ~
Now you should have all 7 wires labelled and a 14 pin connector block with no wires attached.

Step 11 ~
Now take new Abarth headlights (Series 2) and repeat steps 2-4.

Step 12 ~
Twist 8 pin connector block clockwise and remove via larger diameter hole.

Step 12 ~
Remove the purple insert (seen below) from the 8 pin Abarth connector block using a small flat bladed screw drive to release the retaining clip located at the back of the connector block.

Step 13 ~
Once insert has been removed, remove pin number 1 from Abarth connector block, using similar method to that used to remove pins from 14 pin connector. Take pin number 1 on the Abarth connector and insert into pin location 1 on the 14 pin connector, in accordance with the appropriate pictures. Repeat this process for pins 2-7 until all pins are located in the 14 pin connector. Tip – there are 2 large pins and 5 small pins so if you try to insert a large pin into a small hole then something isn’t correct so check diagrams carefully.

abarth 8 pin.jpg

Step 14 ~
Now you should have S2 Abarth Headlights with a S1 connector on it all fully working.

Connect to car and test:

- Sidelights
- Dipped Beam
- Main Beam
- Indicators / hazards
- Headlamp alignment up / down
All done!!! (Nearly)

Now repeat steps 1-14 for opposite side headlight.