Close Windows, Activate Fogs With Standard ALARM !!!!

Want to make your standard fiat alarm shut the windows, Activate fogs or any other lights for a Time Period you decide. Fairly Easy to Do. This is how> Download the Word Doc
This Guide will tell you how to make the Front Fogs come on when you Lock/Unlock your car; it also gives you the basic idea of how you can make windows close on locking as well.

Shopping List:
• Wire, decent thickness quality speaker wire will do the job.
• A 12v Timer Relay Module, often known as Very Handy Little Relays.(Google it) You should be able to get from 0260 Timer Module or
• Some Basic Electrical Knowledge
• Spare 10A Red Blade Fuse (very likely to blow it when you start.)
• A Haynes Manual will help, but not Necessary.

First of all you need to:
• Lower the Sunroof/Interior Light Control Panel, (See two under Plastic Cover tabs either side of the far switches. Pull down the rear then slide the unit towards the rear of the car.)
• Feed a Wire From under the glove box to the Sunroof/Interior Light Control Panel. This only takes about 2 mins it not as awkward as it sounds. Pull of the door rubber trim from the Bottom of Glove box up to about 6” past the passenger sun visor. Then Remove the Sun visor (3 screws). Headlining towards the Windscreen should now fall enough to feed the wire.
• Connect the Cable from Interior Light Control Panel to T/Trigger/Signal on the Relay(varies depending on where you purchased relay)
• Connect the Cable at the Interior Light Control Panel to the , use squeeze on scotch lock connectors from halfords etc
• Remove the front fog light switch. Pop off the Plastic Cover tabs either side of the end switches to reveal screws. Remove the screws, pop off the alarm led covering plastic in the middle of the bank. Gently prise the whole bank of switches out.
• Remove the Fog Wiring from the Switch. There is a small tab, press it as you pull, try not to pull the wiring.
• Feed a wire preferably coloured different to the one fed to the Interior Light Control Panel from the back end of the fog switch to the bottom of the glove box(behind the dash of course)
• Connect the cable at the Fogs Switch to the Brown, use squeeze on scotch lock connectors from halfords etc.
• Connect the Other end of the Fog Feed to the NO/OPEN on the Relay Mounted Under Glove Box
• Remove the Glove Box Light, If your light does not work without the key in the ign, you will need to find a permanent Positive+ supply from elsewhere. However I am not aware that fiat changed to light to only work with key in.
• Feed a wire from glove box light to bottom of glove box, This cable carries the current for what you are operating, so it HAS to be at least as thick as the original glovebox light wiring!
• Connect the Positive (red wire from glove box light to the CO/Common on the Relay, you can use the little squeeze on scotch lock connectors from halfords etc
• Remove the Plastic shrouds from the steering wheel column, 3 screws on underside, remove this, the shine a torch up and you will see two screws holding the top plastic on, I promise these will pi$$ you off when you try to put them back in later.
• Feed Some Speaker wire (2cores/cables) from the back of the ign block round to the underside of glove box. Remember to mark up the cables if using the same colours.
• Connect the Two wires you fed from the ign to the Input/AC/DC/+/-/12v/0v again (varies depending on where you purchased relay)
• Remove the Two blocks of cables on the back of the ign, Connect one of the cables you fed to the Brown(BE VERY CAREFULL NOT TO SHORT WITH OTHER CABLES)
• Connect the Other cable you fed to the ign to the ,
• Remove the x10 Jumper on the relay as this changes the timer from secs to mins.
• Remove the Latch Jumper on the relay, as this will make it stay on until you put the keys in, flattening battery in no time.
• Put the Jumper onto mode B pin.
• Set the Timer all the way anti-clockwise then wind up to approx 8’o’clock, this is very sensitive so you will need to tweak it to suit the time you want.

Explanation of how this works.
The relay is supplied with 12v from the ignition so that the relay will only work with the ign off, this is because if you don’t feed it from here the relay will switch on the fogs every 10seconds when you start the car until you switch off the ign.
We Linked a Positive cable from the Glove box light to the Common on the relay so that the Fogs are powered from the 10A (more than ample power) Services Fuse in the Fuse box.
The Relay will only Switch on when the Key is Off and you click Key Button, this sends a positive trigger to the relay, telling it to switch on and power up the fogs, (or anything you have connected to it.)
You can adjust the on time using a small terminal screwdriver on the adjuster of the Relay.

Please email if you have queries, I may ask you to phone me if it’s easier than explaining in emails.

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