Replacing the brake light switch or the clutch switch should be relatively straightforward. The first is located above the brake pedal and is quite hard to reach, while the second is next to the clutch pedal.

Removing the aircon air pipe above the pedals should make the brake switch more accessible. It’s held in place by only one bolt. Pull it out and then get someone to push the brake pedal for you… You should then be able to spot the brake switch. The trick to release it is to pull out the red piece of plastic that basically keeps it in place. Then pull it from behind or push from the front (visible side) and it should pop-out. Disconnect the connector by pulling up. When replacing with the new one remember that the red coloured safety plastic should be pulled out. Once the switch is in position push the red plastic all the way in to secure it in place. To calibrate the switch (assuming someone is still pressing on the brake pedal) slowly release the pedal.
Replacing the clutch switch process is quite similar. Just get someone to press the clutch for you, pull out the plastic safety and pull the switch out. Again, when calibrating the new switch, just slowly release the clutch.
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