Im writing this as i do this project. so don't worry if its not complete.

I got some front door handles from a scrap yard (mine were removed from a 5DR model both model the same shape, size etc so doesn't really matter) or you can remove the inside panel (which is described in detail in a few of the central locking guides) but the long and short of it involves unscrewing loads of screws, removing the speaker cover and un-doing those screws and pull the door card off (its not as easy as it sounds! so be careful).

You will be faced with what can only be described as foam sheet, careful remove or just make a cut in to it. over towards the handle they is a hole behind the foam sheet. if you look inside you will see a bracket and then two allen key headed bolts un-do them, disconnect the cable/rod connected to the handle (it twists to unlock then you can remove it, if i remember)

But i didnt have to remove mine as i got them from the scrap yard, but that is how he did it. so i have all this to look forward to!!!:(
What you need:
Handles, Medium, fine and super fine wet n dry paper, Plastic primer, colour coded paint for your car, Halfords paint prep wipes, Clear Lacquer, Rubbing compound (or just T-cut), Patience and time:)
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