Tools needed basic socket set and a 16mm spark plug socket with long extension

start by removing the two 10mm bolts either side of the airbox

then remove the bolt under the air inlet pipe (see pic 1)


next remove the bolts holding the coil pack conector rail and the Earth conection for them to the engine (see pic 2)


pull the plastic clip out from the right hand side of the rail just pull it up like pres stud use a small screwdriver to assist
(see pic 3)


Pull the yellow tab out of the coil conectors then peess the black part down for all 4 conectors (pic 4)


pull the yellow clip out again for the sensor and press the black inner clip down and pull on the connector to remove it from the engine (pic 5)


Now pull on the whole pulg rail part to remove each coil conection you may have to pull on each one seperate to give them a hand

when the rail is out the way place it to the side and remove the 10 mm bolt from each coil then pull the coil out the engine it helps to twist and pull (pic 6)


while you have the coil out i recomend you clean up and dirt/rust on them so they dont drop down near the plugs i also ligtly greased the seal with silcone grease

if you are also doing the plugs get your 16mm plug socket and a longeextension as they are deep down the bores and remove them no pictures of this but you should be able to figure this out

now put your new plugs back and and reassemble

and your done

I put NGK irridum plugs into mine for a few extra £ per plug (ngk 6046- DCPR7EIX)
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