This is my first guide. I'll outline the service schedule for the 1.2L 8V Grande Punto, some items are taken from the serice schedule in the handbook, others are my suggestions.

As I complete each job on my own car, I will take some pictures and add them to the guide.

If anyone else if doing a job on their Grande Punto that I haven't done yet and want to add it, please e-mail it to me or a moderator, with your name and all credit will be given.

The idea is to create a mini Haynes style guide for all 1.2L 8V Grande Punto owners.(y)

Service Schedule

Weekly Checks

  • Check engine oil level..
  • Check coolant level.
  • Check brake fluid level.
  • Check tyre pressure and condition.
  • Top up screenwash
  • Check condition of wiper blades.
  • Check battery terminals.
  • Check all external lights & horn.
  • Visual check for leaks or something out of the 'norm'.
  • Check operation of windsreen wash/wipe system.
Every 9000 Miles or 6 Months

  • Change engine oil & filter. (You can get away with leaving this for 12 months but worth considering depending on your driving style and pattern.)
Every 18000 or 12 Months

  • Check front brake pads & disc for wear.
  • Check underbody & selant for damage.
  • Hose & fluid leak check.
  • Check exhaust system & mounting.
  • Check driveshaft gaitors.
  • Check exhaust gas & idle speed.
  • Check steering & suspension components.
  • Renew spark plugs.
  • Check freeplay & height of clutch pedal.
  • Check condition of HT leads.
  • Check engine management system.
  • Lubricate all hinges & locks.
  • Check headlight beam adjustment.
  • Carry out a road test.
  • Check coolant strength.
  • Check fluid level in hydraulic clutch.
  • Check handbrake lever travel.
  • Emissions check.
  • Check condition of earthing points.
Every 36000 Miles or 24 Months

  • Check & if necessary adjust drivebelt tension.
  • Renew pollen filter
  • Check & if necessary adjust valve clearances.
  • Check & if necessary tighten inlet & exhaust manifold mountings.
  • Renew fuel filter.
  • Renew air filter.
  • Check rear brake shoes and drums.
  • Renew brake fluid.
Every 54,000 Miles Or 36 Months

  • Check operation of the lambda sensor.
  • Check & if necessary top-up manual transmission fluid.
  • Check anti-evaporation system.
Every 72,000 Miles Or 48 Months

  • Renew timing belt & tensioner
  • Renew drive belt.
  • Renew water pump & thermostat.
  • Renew manual transmission fluid.
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