The MAP sensor (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor Detects the amount of air in the inlet manifold (it also detects air temperature) and Adjusts the fuel mixture as required.....

If your car struggles to start (as in it fires up and the revs suddenly drop away it could be your MAP sensor is on its way out) You can't really clean it as it works on barometric pressure so will still work if its covered in oil...

so you have worked out that it is the MAP sensor causing you greif and have managed to source a replacement....

first check you have the Radio keycode (if needed) and take the negative terminal off the battery......

Open the bonnet and find your Map sensor

It (the MAP) lives on the upper drivers side at the back of the engine on the inlet manifold and is secured by one screw just below the Blue pipe between the bulkhead and the dipstick....

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To replace all you need is a Torx (T25) screwdriver and perhaps a small slotted driver if the clip is stubborn.

Firstly you need to remove the wiring plug to do this pull the yellow tab upwards then pull the plug off the map sensor

now remove the fixing screw

then ease the Map sensor out of the manifold (its sealed in place by an O-ring) so just pull it and it will come out..


refit in the reverse in which you took it off

now ensure you have left the car an hour since you took the battery clamp off (this should wipe the ECU to enable the car to relearn what having a working Map sensor does for it)

now take the car for a long drive so it can relearn the engine management settings.

If the Engine management light stays on, Disconnect the battery and leave for an hour this should reset it