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Re: Help! My car is leaking!

I can only comment on the monkeys that looked at my car 11 times yes 11 times in total to fix my boot leak. Thats 20 days in all, in the garage to fix a leak. Whats worse each time it was handed back to me as fixed!

One day with fiat technical bod and it was fixed.

So im afraid I can only say it as I see it! Im sure not all garages are so slack but again ive only had dealings with this one!
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Re: Help! My car is leaking!

Quote Originally Posted by captain chaos View Post
I was informed that the boot was letting in water from three seperate areas.

1. Rear screen motor

2. Badge somewhere lol

3. Door Seam
Now heres my was coming in from 3 areas? I doubt it,it looks more like a case of lets do the known problem areas as its bound to be one of them.
Now they are know problem areas to fiat technical but they are not releasing this info to the garages...I mentioned all this in a previous thread as it annoys me and makes a techs job harder.There are service ews for garages on a lot of 'mundane' things but I think the GP water leak saga is p*ssing alot of customers off & they should help out the garages abit more.
11 times is alot I admit but water leaks can be a bugger to find and lets also not forget the garage only gets paid for fixing the actual leak not for the hours trying to find it/water leak testing etc... thus its a catch 22 situaton as garage cant afford to have the tech 'non-productive' as they pay his wages!

Anyway its fixed thats all that matters
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