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Red face Grande Punto - Headlight Problem


I have an issue with the lights on my Punto, there are a lot of similar posts on here, but nothing with the exact same circumstances, it's like a combination of the worst of the problems combined

Initially I had a problem with the lights coming on overnight when the Punto was locked up outside the house, only noticed by chance the following night (after battery had drained the first time) that it was the lights doing this.

Disconnected the battery to stop this happening again and haven't used the car much the last couple of weeks (local lockdown). Reconnected the battery tonight to turn the engine over and take it for a run and now have no dipped beam lights at all (side and full are fine).

Spoke to local Fiat garage who suggested known problem and could be the lighting stalk, but personally I don't think so as when I turn to full beam the lcd shows the dipped beam adjustment - am I right in thinking this should rule out the stalk problems as it's recognising that the dipped beam lights are activated, or is there a separate feed to the BCU to activate the lights distinct from the one which will cause the dipped beam adjustment indicator to appear on the LCD?

Next step is the garage to check out the electrics - have printed some of the threads on here and thanks for the wiring diagrams just to give them a head start. But is there anything by both the lights coming on on their own accord but now not working at all which would give a pointer where to start?

Have checked all bulbs, fuses and relays and AOK.

Thanks in advance this forum has helped me so much in the past, but not had to post often as found the answer.
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Re: Grande Punto - Headlight Problem


Damp fusebox..
Did you lift it up

Grandes are known for not having the best fitting lid

I had an older FIAT..
One rainy day the headlights were flashing as if they were indicators.. fusebox was WET

salvaged the main fusebox..
But the control box for Elec. Windows was ruined

See FAQs at top of Grande section

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