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Re: 1.3 multijet (90) turbo issue

Quote Originally Posted by Pugglt Auld Jock View Post
Here's a couple of videos which will help you understand what is probably going on with your variable vane turbo. This exact problem (stuck vanes and overboost) happened to my boy's Fabia 1.9 PD. We managed to clean it out by dropping the exhaust pipe off the turbo and using a can of foaming oven cleaner injected inside to clan out the carbon deposits. We did 3 applications leaving about 1/2 hour each time for the cleaner to dissolve the carbon and flushing out with the garden hose well each time before refitting the exhaust. the car ran fine for the next 3 years when we sold it - it was still going well at that time.

The variable vanes are there to spin up the turbine wheel at low engine revs thus reducing turbo lag, then as engine speed rises - and so exhaust gas volume increases - the vanes deflect so that not so much force is applied to the turbine. If the vanes jam it's usually in the resting (so max boost) position which is why you get limp due to overboost.

Have a look on you tube there are lots of videos posted - that's where I learned about using the oven cleaner. Other, dedicated, products are available.

If you decide to have a go yourself It's a mucky job and the oven cleaner stings a lot if you get it on your arms - definitely wear goggles! Good luck
firstly thank you for the videos, that second one explains perfectly what is going on.
as to the advice on how to free the vanes, ill try that if all else fails. i dont want to pull the turbo off and find out it was just the vacuum pipe!
thank you for the response, Cam (limpyjet)
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Re: 1.3 multijet (90) turbo issue

I think I got a bit of play in my turbo ay,
I'll be checking that on the weekend
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