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Stereo wiring, cheap nasty chinese one

Okay so after the fag lighter fiasco, I'm hoping to get a new head unit working...

I bought an adaptor kit on ebay, all good. I am trying to fit a cheap yucky chinese bluetooth thing, so it just has a 12 pin ISO connector.

Now, I look at the connector to the original head unit, and I look at the connector on the adaptor I bought, and the pins aren't right. They aren't in the right places - the speaker ones are fine but the others not.

I would kill for a colour coded wiring diagram if anyone has one. I can move the wires round, they come out of the connector block on their crimps easy enough, but trying to pin down which ones to put where is another matter and I don't want to blow the stereo (even if it is cheap and nasty!).

Not too arsed about steering wheel controls but it'd be nice if they'd work.

On the Punto's loom to the stereo I can see black (N I presume), red/white (permanent 12v?), and then pink/white and pink/black which the diagram on the old head unit lists as Can A and Can B respectively. The speakers I am ignoring for now cos these all seem to be wired OK on the adaptor.

Now from my nasty chinese unit I have a 12 pin connector with black (N again), blue (12v powered aerial), yellow (listed as 10A fuse/battery/constant live), orange (illumination), red (12v switched).

I am assuming that black goes to black, red/white goes to yellow, but what goes to the Can A and B wires?!

I can cheerily solder stuff so making a new lead (if I have to) can be done, but I just need to know what goes where. If the adaptor had been right to start with, it wouldn't be an issue, but it ain't
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