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Gearbox problems.

Many people seem to be having problems with their gearbox's on here so I just though I would let some people the problems I had with mine.

I Have a 1.9 GP sporting, and around 6 months ago I had a whirring noise come into sixth gear initially it was only when slowing down so when you take your foot off the accelerator the noise would come, i thought not a lot of it and carried on with it for around 2 months, by then the noise had got louder and the noise was now all the time in sixth gear and the noise had started to come in fifth gear. My car then went in for its 36,000 mile service and I asked fiat to have a look at it, got my car back the next day and fiat kindly informed after taking it out for a drive they couldn't hear any noise or notice any such problems.

This to me was a clear indication of fiat thinking that gearbox is about to break and that will be 1500 in their pockets when it has to go back to them because the gearbox is dead.

I then carried on using my car for around 2 weeks, the problem had got worse, a different noise had come in second gear like a higher pitch whirring and the gear lever had started to jump around, when i put my foot down in 1st, 3rd and fifth the gear lever would jump forward and go back, it wouldn't go out of gear just move about.

I then went to work one day about 3 weeks ago and i had my window down, i was driving along about 50 mph in 6th gear and all i could hear was what sounded like a big key ring full of keys jangling under my car, so i took it out of sixth and carried on in fifth, went down the road about 5 miles and the gearbox just lost fifth completely so I had to drive the rest of my way to work in 4th.

I then thought enough of this and i booked my car in for the next morning into a place called Intergears in Willenhall. They quoted me around 800 for reconditioning of my gearbox and 1 years unlimited mile warranty and they would get it back to me in 3 days. This is a good price as i could only find recons for 600-700 anyway so for someone who is a specialist to do it, it was a good price. Taking my car to Intergears i lost fifth and sixth completely and had to get there in 4th.

I never got to ask them really what was the overall problem was with the gearbox but i was told due to my gearbox being so badly damaged they had to put another recon gearbox instead but for the same price as they quoted me.

I've had my car back for nearly a month now and had no problems the gearbox is good and I recommend Intergears to anyone in the midlands with this problem.

Sorry for this being long winded but people need to know if you have this problem then you need to get it sorted.
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Re: Gearbox problems.

Sounds like the typical bearing problem to me. You would have been better off getting this done sooner rather than later as there can be other issues caused such as the main gearbox shaft being bent google search m32 gearbox issues for everything you need to know. I had mine done about a month ago but mine was nowhere near as bad as what you describe here. Hope you get it sorted.

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