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Advice on heater console lights

Hi Guys,

Bought my 2009 Grande Punto GP in August 12 from a Fiat dealer. Everything was fine until last week or the week before when the heater console lights started playing up. Every other light on the console would light up, except the light behind the temp gauge and the button which deals with the heated rear window (both on the left hand side, as you look at it). A sharp tap on the left side of the console and it would come back on. I though that would eliminate the possibility of the blown bulb and therefore it could be the wiring, and as the car was under warranty, it went back to the main dealer for them to sort the wiring.

Took the car in yesterday morning at 9am, and got a call at 4.40pm to say that it is infact a blown bulb. The guy on the phone was obviously just the messenger but could not explain how I could tap on the side of the console and it would magically come back on, every single time.

They have had the car for 24 hours now and I should be meeting the service manager when I pick the vehicle up, hopefully today. Anybody got any insight into this? I would have thought a blown bulb was a blown bulb, similar to every other filament bulb in existence. Once the filament is broken, no amount of taping will get it to relight?!

They also found an oil leak on the gearbox which is apparently why it is taking so long for them to replace a bulb! No worries there, they sold the car to me 5 months ago, Sale of Goods act 1979 will be brought into play, and it is there responsibility to prove that the fault has developed since I bought it otherwise it is deemed to have been developing when I bought it - and when they did a 140 point check, full service and MOT.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I have had bulbs blow in the past where the broken filament flaps around and sometimes makes a contacat and therefore illuminates. Perhaps it is this.

There is a guide on this forum for replacing the bulbs in question. The search function should turn it up for you. The main thing to note is that the bulbs can be changed from behind without taking the stereo or heater controls out. Its a bit fiddley but shouldn't take more than ten mins.
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