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Coil Springs


One of my front coil springs broke today so I need to get it fixed. Two questions:
  • Should I get both replaced? The car is on 72K miles
  • What would be a reasonable price to pay for this? I called National as they could do it right away but they wanted 140 per side, seems expensive!

The car is an 08 Multijet Active 5dr. I am going to have to drive it around a bit but really want to get it sorted ASAP!

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Re: Coil Springs

Would always replace in pairs, the other side could go at any point.

140 seems excessive, could you not get a price from a motor factors/fiat and get a local garage to carry out the work?
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Re: Coil Springs

You can pick up the springs for about 20-40 each on ebay. If you buy the pair then I'm sure many garages will fit them for 50 or so (not sure what garages charge)
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Re: Coil Springs

Quote Originally Posted by buttonsandzips View Post
I am going to have to drive it around a bit but really want to get it sorted ASAP!


seriously this is a very bad and dangerous idea the spring can shift in its cups and shred your tyre leading to an instantaneous blow out, on one side of the car to dive excessively under braking On a good day you could end up stuck at the side of the road awaiting a tow truck and on a bad day could send you bouncing into a crash barrier and back into the path of a car full of kids on a family day out causing a serious accident......

Labour to change both sides would be about 100 + parts at an independent garage based on about 1.5 hours labour give or take...

biggest PITA is getting to the top of the strut as the plastic scuttle has to come off + wiper arms ....

whilst your at this point you might as well replace both strut top bearings/ bushes as these are a common problem on the GP...

I would replace in pairs due to the possible unbalance of the front springs causing issues when braking hard .....

anyway you could always DIY the repair providing your savvy with a socket set but take great care as the springs are under a hell of a lot of tension
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Massive gash
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Just a little touch up
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