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Service indicator

Hi guys,

Just had the Multijet re-called for the steering joint issue and she is now out of the manufacterer warranty and got 1 last year to run with the dealer warranty however she is due a 54,000 mile service I was thinking about either getting another garage to do it or doing it myself as I used to own my workshop and have an official stamp I will obviously use Fiat parts however I am curious to know if there is an easy way to reset the service indicator to show as from the day it is serviced??


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Ohhh my, yes.
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Re: Service indicator

Assuming you no longer own the garage, I would suggest that if you service the car yourself and then stamp the service book, you'd invalidate the warranty? Although you are able to get it serviced elsewhere, does this not have to be at a VAT registered garage? Could be wrong, but I know this is the case for my private warranty - which is effectively what FIAT's 3rd year one is.
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