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Fitting front fog lights
<b>A few points to note!</b><br />
<br />
A relay <u>must</u> be fitted in the circuit.<u>DO NOT</u> try and wire fog lights directly to any other circuit,do not go near the body computer or try and utilise the original menu/rear fog multifunction switchbank as doing so will cause damage to your
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Wink Re: Fitting front fog lights

Quote Originally Posted by anyzunstudios View Post
I can tell you a trick that will be similar to your tutorial, but in this case, the fog lights will work as default foglights.

Tools you need:
-From car scrap-yard, get buttons panel where Menu / ESC, +/-, Up / Down, Fog Front / Rear is. It will cost about 20 like mine.
-Remove your old panel, just remove OBD / fuses box cover inside your vehicle, and press two metal pieces behind panel, then, remove panel connector.
-After that, with AlfaOBD or MultiECU Scan, and OBDII adapter and Yellow wire, get into body computer, then in "Adjustment" tab, check enable front fog lights ---> Execute -> Enabled. Then Align Proxy.

-Once done, Turn on low-beam lights, and press rear and front fog lights, on your instrument cluster should appear rear and front fog lights on, if not, open your instrument cluster and check if a LED is installed, if not, install it and disable fog lights with software, align proxy, then enable it again, and finally, align proxy . Also check with AlfaOBD or MultiECU Scan if proxy aligment was successfuly completed and Fog Lights item is "Enabled".

-Again, check rear and front fog litghts, if now is working, you sould ear to relay at engine fuse box. If instrumentl cluster LED is on but you can not hear it, check on your manual what fuse is for Front Fog lights, check if it is blown or not, also check relay if it is damaged, or if it is installed or not, in my case, the relay and fuse were installed by default, so maybe in yours it will be the same. Front fog lights fuse is 15A and fuse number is 25. by default is blue, and it is close to hood/bonnet holder. The relay is black, and it is a few rows down of fuse. Check what fuse is turning on and off fog lights by touching relay or removing it. There are one RED relay, and two BLACK ones, check both blacks, I think that is between RED and BLACK, but check it out by yourself.

-Remove relay, and with multimeter, check what hole is for turn on or off fog lights. There are four holes, two for powering the relay, and other two is for switching lights, if you see the fuse box from top to botton, top is where the BIG RED wire from battery is connected to fuse box and bottom is close to headlight, the relay hole that you need is this:

Relay holes:
| (|) <This one is the hole.

-Insert a wire on that hole, then, insert the relay again, check if relay was fitted properly and check that it turns on and off when you press the fog lights button.

-Use that wire for swtiching on and off fog lights, don't worry about size of wire and fuse box cover, cover will fit properly, just press a bit more the cover, wire will not be damaged. Also you can buy the properly connector for fog lights, but you will need to replace ALL wires from old connector to the new one, or make a mod on your default connector, it will take too much time, and you will also see, that by default, wires size are really small and thin for powering fog lights. If I am not wrong, fuse box pins for powering fog lights are 3 and 4, but you have to check wiring with eLearn to be sure ALWAYS.

By the way, nice tuto. Good job man!
I forgot a thing. If you CAN'T get into body computer with OBDII and Yellow wire, open the OBDII ELM327 (NOT YELLOW WIRE):

-First check if your ELM327 chip is PIC18F25K80, search on Aliexpress or eBay a OBDII adapter with that chip, it gives best result with this, they are about 6 or so on I recommend get this from Aliexpress, get the big Bluetooth OBDII adapter because it is easier to do next step. The URL:

-If previous is OK, then check where is a resistor on board labeled "121", it is a 120Ohm resistor that causes faults when you are trying to connect with Yellow wire. Just remove it from board or disconnect one side of it with a tin soldering iron. If you got one from previous URL, the "121" resistor is behind bluetooth adapter.

-If even with it you can not get into, check your yellow wire if it is damaged or not. Also you can made your own wire, connecting wires as shown:

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Re: Fitting front fog lights

Just a quick question on this the relay pins...
Example you run 2 wires to the one pin? Live wire from both fogs to the one pin?
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Re: Fitting front fog lights

Hi. I have question. I enabled cornering light function in AlfaOBD. I have connected installation on pin 4 from BodyComp it is a left front fog light. Where can I find right pin light.
I have Punto 2014 1.4 8V S&S.

Maybe someone have elearn.
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Re: Fitting front fog lights

Hello, I'm wondering whether my grande has a preparation for front fog lights. I noticed a yellow unused connector hanging somewhere behind front fog light - see photos. I have a left hand drive car, so this is from passenger side. I hadn't chance to examine the other (driver's) side (no clear view from the top). But is it possible that there may be original cabling for front fog lights?
I used to have a three-door Grande Punto - Active trim. So only basic stuff - no A/C, no audio, no front fog lights and no preparation for them.

But this Grande Punto is my wife's 2009 model with more equipment (Blue&Me, sunroof, dualogic transmission, A/C), only front fogs are missing. It is common on cars from German market (don't know why Germans didn't get front fog lights even with higher trims), which is this one.

I've already found a cheap source of parts from crashed Grande, so I'll take the instrument cluster with front fog light buttons. Unfortunately the fog lights are damaged, so for what other parts I need to look? The relay and fuse are in the engine bay box?
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