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Wing Mirror Removal
Published by Andi9386
Difficulty Level: 2

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Wing Mirror Removal

Grande Punto Wing Mirror Removal

Seeing as I couldn't find a guide on how to do this, I made it as I went along.

My Driver's side Wing mirror got damaged by clumsy Council Bin Men, thankfully I had Duck tape in the house, so I could tape the mirror to the door.

Tools required:
5.5mm Allen Key
Small flat head screwdriver
Clean Rag
Copper Grease
New Mirror

Step 1)
Look at the front edge of the Mirror Stalk & you will see a small gap.
Place the blade of a small flat head screwdriver in there, use a hammer if needs be to knock it in.

Step 2)
Carefully remove the panel ensuring that you don't break the plastic clips.
You will see the connector for the mirror motor (electric only)

Step 3) Using your pliers, gently pull the electrical connector out at the bottom.
If you've bought another mirror, then using a knife cut away the fabric surrounding the connector.

Step 4) You will now see 3 Allen/ Hex bolts, these take a 5.5mm Allen/ Hex key. (only one of mine did as the other two were rounding)
Turn the bolts Anti clockwise (they will be stiff).

Step 5) Once you have all 3 bolts out, the stalk will come off.

Step 6) Wipe the area around where the old stalk was with a clean dry rag.

Step 7) Put the new stalk on & insert the middle bolt to hold it on.

Step 8) Put a small amount of Copper Grease on the bolt heads, this will help you if ever you need to replace the mirror stalk again.

Step 9) Insert the 2 Bolts that you have just applied Copper Grease to & remove the one that isn't greased.
Give that one a light coating of Copper Grease as well.

Step 10) Carefully re-tighten all 3 bolts

Step 11) Plug the electrical connector back in.

Step 12) Turn your ignition on & test the mirror (always test it before putting the cover back on)

Step 13) Line the cover up with the clips on the stalk & carefully put it back on.
Gently tap it with a hammer to get it closed.

Job Done.
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Re: Wing Mirror Removal

The mirror is actually the same as the 500

Mine needed a rebuild.. the central cast tube..that allows the mirror to pivot was cracked..

Luckily I managed to wedge it back together.

The plastic CAP ..that is often painted in bodycolour... of the mirror body is held in with very lightweight plastic lugs..
They just lightly click back in

So I kept the Hammer in the shed

Here is another helpful guide:

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