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Fuse Box Removal
Damp here cause lots of electrical gremlins
Published by john7
Difficulty Level: 1

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Difficulty Level: 1

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Engine Compartment Fuse Box Removal


My daughter's 2007 1.2 Active had door open warning light on all the time, and other warning lights on intermittently. Periodically the headlamps would come on themselves and also the feed to the starter was also not getting power. I suspect that possibly the fuel pump wasn't getting power either, as the car refused to start with a tow.


Flat screwdriver, 10 and 13 mm sockets and ideally a 10 mm ring spanner.

Removal of Battery

Use 13 mm socket to undo the bolt holding the battery strap. Release the battery negative terminal lever, and move aside. Remove the plastic cover on positive battery terminal, then use 10 mm spanner or socket to undo it, and move it aside. Remove battery.
Thanks Simlrs thanked for this post
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