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How to replace Fiat Grande Punto Rear wheel bearings (rear disc versions)
Published by Reuuk
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How to replace Fiat Grande Punto Rear wheel bearings (rear disc versions)

Rear wheel bearings for 1.4/1.9 with rear discs.
As most Grande Puntoís are becoming of age where theirwheel bearings are needing to be replaced, I thought I would make a guide forthis very easy DIY replacement. I would recommendchanging both sides with new wheel bearings as its highly likely if one is wornthe other side is also!

You will need the following.

1 jack
A pair of axle stands
19 or 17mm socket depending on your hub retainer bolts.
32mm Socket
13mm spanner
Ratchet and breaker bar
Flat head screw driver
Calliper rewind tool (both clockwise & anti clockwiseneeded)
Any kind of release agent.

Click image for larger version

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Crack your wheel nuts so they are hand tight and safelyjack your car up at the rear and secure using axle stands. Make sure you choc your front wheels with abrick so stop the car having any forward/backward movement. now if your brakediscs have retaining screws remove/loosen these now and Release your handbrake.

Remove your rear wheel to reveal your rear brakes.

Click image for larger version

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3. start onremoving the brake pads by removing both retainer bolts shown in picture (redcircles), these require the 13mm spanner to loosen. Once you have released the calliper move itout the way..

Click image for larger version

Name:	3.JPG
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4. Remove the calliper hanger with the 19mm socket.Shown with yellow arrows in picture above.

5. remove yours discs from the wheel hub. I didnít take apicture of the old wheel bearing however it is the same as the new one

Click image for larger version

Name:	4.JPG
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6. using yourhammer and flat head screw driver prise the hub retainer bolt cover off, (placethe driver between the wheel hub and the metal capís lip and tap with hammerrotating it until it pops off. Reach for your 32mm socket with your breaker barloosen off the retaining bolt in the middle of the wheel bearing (donít beafraid to apply some force!) once this is removed, pull the old wheel bearingoff.

7. push your new wheel bearing onto the axle shaft andtighten back up with your 32mm socket.. DONíT FORGET TO REINSERT THE SPACERBETWEENTHE BOLT AND THE NEW WHEELBEARING! (again donít be afraid to apply someforce, once you are happy spin the wheel bearing by hand to ensure it freelyspins and make sure it has no back and forth movement.(see picture above)

8. since you havetaken your old discs and pads off, inspect them and decide if you want toreplace them Ö

9. get your calliper ready to be refitted by using thecalliper wind tool to reset the calliper back to its home position, this makesfitting new pads allot easier. Remember the passenger rear requires using an anti-clockwisecalliper tool (most sets come with both)

10. re assemble your brake callipers following this guide in reverse and tighteneverything upÖ and move onto the other side

Click image for larger version

Name:	5.JPG
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And youíre done! Easy?

Any questions please ask J
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Re: How to replace Fiat Grande Punto Rear wheel bearings (rear disc versions)

I've been driving a Grande Punto 1.9 diesel and putting up with an awful drone coming from the rear which goes up and down with vehicle speed. This makes me think it's one (or both) of the rear bearings. It hits a particularly loud resonance at about 85kph.

I replaced both the rear bearings last week with new ones and followed your guide. I jumped in for a test drive expecting silence like a Rolls. The noise is exactly the same.


The only thing I didn't do was check the torque settings for the retainer nut which I'm pretty sure is 280Nm. I did up the nuts as tight as they were when I undid them, which was F*tight.

I don't understand. The bearings are new. What else could be causing a loud droning noise from the rear if its not wheel bearings?
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Re: How to replace Fiat Grande Punto Rear wheel bearings (rear disc versions)

Thanks for the guide!

Following replacing both sides on mine, i have an observation if you if you want to save some time....

Put the Handbrake on. Remove wheel. Remove hub nut cover. Remove disc retaining screw. Remove Brakepad Carrier bolts (leaving the caliper still attached). Lift off brake disc with caliper assembly in one piece. Then remove the hub nut followed by the wheel bearing.
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