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Grande Punto rear lights conversion to EVO lights
I just fitted my EVO lights in my Grande Punto, as there's no guide yet I made a couple of pictures to create one.<br />
I hope'it's usefull for anybody who waht's to fit EVO rear lights.<br />
<br />
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Re: Grande Punto rear lights conversion to EVO lights

I think that Brown/Black on left plug and Purple/Green on the right one is for checking LED conditions, I mean, check if they are blown or grounded to mass. Of course, we don't need it on our GP unless we want to check LEDs, so maybe you will need an extra homebrew board to check signal and send it back to ECU. Maybe using a MCU like the dear Arduino voltage sensor and a relay it might be able detect it, and then cut the LED power signal for avoiding damage ECU, wiring, or fuse system, and the Body Computer will detect that anomaly and show our detested "Check Running lights" message on our dashboard.

By the way, great job. On my EVO tailights, wiring color are different of yours, but I was able to make it work. If you want to remove the message on the dashboard, you just need to get x2 "5 Ohm" load resistors like (creating less temperature due to better heat dissipation) only on the driver side (on british cars) or passenger side (on the "common" cars).

Greetings and thanks!
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