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a general warning to anyone buying a new car - dream car sales, telford

just thought id put my story up of my experience of this garage, but generally just a warning not to trust anyone/any garage.

i had my nail of a cinq for 75, did most of the work myself, it broke constantly and it wasnt particularly cool. i got offered some money, sold that 370 and bought myself a clio off a cheap used car forecourt for 800

i saw it on the forecourt and thought it was very cheap, it had a few scuffs and scrapes but i decided to enquire about it. asked the salesman, he informed me that it was going to be sold with a full respray on sale. the main thing that bothered me about the cinq was that i liked good bodywork so i jumped at the chance

think i checked all electrics and left it running to see if it had head gasket problems. that was it, didnt do any full checks, didnt check hpi or anything just trusted the garage, he said it didnt have any service history but i thought oh well ill just do it myself.

first problems, respray was pretty crap, overspray on plastics, bit of masking tape left on grille, overspray on tyres, minor scratches and dinks not filled as promised, but left it be.

second problem, car had a nail in the tyre, took centre cap off to find one wheel bolt missing, went in boot to find spare wheel and tool kit missing.

car also didnt have a horn, one taillight and one headlight bulb was out, went and challenged the mot tester as it had been sat on the forecourt for 6 weeks and all 3 wouldnt just go in that time. he argued they must have and all his mots are 100 percent, we saw the owner of dream car sales in the back discussing something about a different car, who looked at me and then looked concerned

initial test drove my car and brakes felt a little bit spongey but the garage and another garage insisted they were normal and i was just used to a different car. i just had oohh new car in my head.

car suspensions always felt a bit dodgy. 3 weeks ago brakes failed on me, the garage said the brakes were on their way out for months, master cylinders were weeping for ages, shoes were destroyed and front pads were down to metal (my fault partially for not checking)

looked at my mot sheet, it said advisory notice issued but it had been ripped off, surprised? told me this

car failed, in original garage for loads of stuff. subframe bushes, rear shock bushes, front strut had play in the one, other was not working properly and leaking, headlight wiring has a dire history of playing up, etc. brakes were marked as barely above function, get checked immediately, dangerous.
it was then moved from nottingham to dream car sales presumably auctioned.

it failed on 2 subframe bushes and a front shock, all these then passed as advisories, wafer thin pads were an advisory aswell as the nail.

so yeah, completely my fault, im young and stupid, but take this as a warning. im typing this in a rush but there is more to add, ill post up the full mot details and more problems i can think of

oh yeah, and after this im planning on buying my cousins mk2 punto, renault forum are the most useless unhelpful ******s ever
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Re: a general warning to anyone buying a new car - dream car sales, telford

Thats desperately bad news fella... proves the rule Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware) You really shouldnt take anything on trust or assumption, get stuff in black & white. Car dealers (of the cheap forecourt variety) are generally fly-by-night chaps out for a quick buck!

I feel your pain, lesson learned the hard way... with hindsight a purchase from an auction may have been better for you.
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