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Fiat Supasaver

bottom line is delivered on time at quoted price.

On the day I was about to ring Perrys (who I'd used before) and place an order they seriously upped their prices so I turned my attention to Fiat Supasaver. Most of the posts here were quite old but from them I discovered that FS were Pewsham Garages a Fiat dealer. And yes, place an order with FS and the credit card is debited by Pewsham Garages who then supply the paperwork and the car.
FS said approx 10 weeks and 10 weeks 6 days meets my definition of approx.
The car seems fine, nothing missing, number plates properly fixed. Nicely prepared.
Service? I can't say I had much contact with them, they answered my questions before placing an order honestly and were truthful about timescales, I always felt I was talking to someone who knew what they were talking about. After placing the order I had no contact till 8 weeks when I enquired about the status. Two weeks later I was told it had arrived so could collect it.
The handover was brief but then I had driven Pandas before so do I really want to be told where to put the petrol? One moan no keyring supplied.

Conclusion, if you want to buy at probably the cheapest price then based on my experience they're fine but don't expect sociable chats with the salesmen at every opportunity. I saved 1100 so quite happy to forgo the hand holding and the key ring but that's a personal choice.

PS Might not have got a key ring but it had 15 litres of petrol in the tank which was surprising.

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Re: Fiat Supasaver

Myself, my partner and my Mum must be lucky. We all got some fuel and a couple of keyrings each.

We took delivery of a pair of Bravos and a Panda around the same time (October last year). Staff were helpful and good to deal with and pricing keen. We went back for our first service and they did a deal for us (108 each on the Bravos) which we were pleased with. My Bravo is currently in for attention - see thread in the Bravo section.
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