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Bought it the other month and made a post in the general panda section.

So far so good. Done some maintenance and upgrades. Changed oil, washer, transmission and cooling fluids, fresh wipers. Then treated it to new tyres front and back and upgraded the speakers and head unit, nothing expensive and no massive sub (yet). Dashcam fitted, but not hidden cables yet . . . want to work on current set up of phone mount and wires, see if I can hide them all, perhaps make use of the little parcel shelf above the headunit.

Had a few day trips out and so far the thing that's impressed me most, is how roomy it is inside, yet seemingly tiny on the outside. It's certainly not fast, but it's quick enough for getting up to speed and maintaining it. In the countryside it's been great, being able to nip into much smaller gaps while bigger cars need to slow down to a crawl. Feels faster than it is in that element.

I'm 6'4 and there's loads of head room and leg room. Seats are quite comfy. Only thing I don't like is how the rear view mirror blocks a lot of my vision, might end up removing it and putting it on the dashboard so I have a clear line of sight.

To Do List:

Garage said they couldn't do the wheel alignment / tracking check because it was rusted shut. So I need to poke my head under there on my next day off and see if I can do something about that. Also said the rear brake was leaking a little, so I'll check that and get new parts if needs be.

Permanent stereo install. I need to take the car cards off again and hide wires / mount crossover somewhere better. Drill holes and mount the tweeters flush in the plastic covers aligned with the wing mirrors.

A small amp is something I'm considering, but that can wait (I also need to find out how to install an amp to power components.)

A good clean. It's already clean but I want to give it a fine going over, toothbrush and everything. Then a polish and wax. There's some straining from the door handles from wd40 or something the last owners used (the handles are sticking a bit, not a hard job to fix).

Timing and aux belts need doing. Want these doing just incase. DIY is an option.

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