Seicento White Seicento from Slovenia


Seicento CUP

Hi to all, it`s been a year ago since I bought myself a second car for trackdays.
Since I wanted a small car the Seicento was a great choice. In Slovenia we had in 1999 - 2001 a Seicento CUP so this cars are every now and then for sale. The Seicentos are already a little bit modified and some of them also road legal.

Ok enough with talking let the pictures do the rest.

Engine: 1.1 with Colombo Bariani camshaft, 4-1 exaust manifold, changed electronics (Senica motorsport-Slovenia), K&N air filter

Chassis: Eibach pro-kit springs, Amortizer sport-line shocks (Slovenian firm which restores shocks), OMP strut bar

Interior: 2-OMP bucket seats, 1-OMP and 1-Sparco four point seatbelts, OMP racing wheel and shift knob, OMP roll chage
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