Grande Punto what i have been doing over the past year.


i first bought my car in feb 2009 (sorry about the pic (n))

this is what i have done so far:-

after a day or two i decided to spray the top grill which i am so glad i did (y) (sorry havent got a pic)

I then decided to buy an induction kit so i went fo a KnN (and yes i later found out they are POO :bang:)

and before you say it yes my engine did shrink when i was cleaning it lol

i decided then to get my windows tinted but i didnt just awant to get my fronts done so i decided to get 85% rear and 35% front

and they i wanted some alloys so i decided to get som 17" inovite wheels

but like a plank didnt think of getting it lowerd first :bang: lol

i de-wiperd my boot

i then got it lowerd on eibech sportlines

tinted my side repeaters

i then wanted to fit an adtermarket headunit and sub and amp so i started by removing my front seats to make it easyer to run the vibe RCAs and vibe flat high def speaker wires to the front speakers

i then fitted my pioneer head unit

i the fitted my vibe evo 2 12" enclosure

and my fusion 6x9's in my parsel shelf and ran them off a fusion amp

i later got my self a vibe line driver and a vibe power cap

i decided to spray my centre console gloss black instead of having it dark grey
and before people ask i no the heater dial sticker is missing because i had to replace it due to it loosing its stick and fell off

i then removed the vinyl off my doors to replace with the gloss vinyl that i still need to do aswell as my front grill

i got bord one day and decided to custom my own badge

decided to spray my scuttle pannel

i fitted front and rear vibe conponants and mounted tweeters in the B pillar
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