Panda (Classic) wanting to lower my 92 panda


this is how my panda (Pablo) is looking at the moment, though you guys might want to see sorry its taken so long to get a picture up of him!

hi every one! now on the hunt for a complete wiper motor and linkage for my panda the little think to hold the wiper on has been striped of all its splines, I need the hole lot is there is any one with one or can point me in the right direction that would be great! its my daily car so im pretty stuffed with out it

hello again! its been a while since I have been on the forum, I must admit its take a while to get to grips with it! anyway my fiat is running great at the moment he has been given the name Pablo I feel it suits him nicely! he gets driven daily and runs great im very pleased with him! I am looking for some new wheels for him, I have never been very keen on the ones he has on, I was thinking of putting 14inch wheels on him do these run ok not to big? feel they will fill the wheel arch a little better! and if any one could suggest some nice racy looking wheels that aren't to over the top and in keeping with the car that would be great!

hi guys thank for all the help on the subject of lowering the panda, he is now sat 40mm lower :D went out in him today and something is rubbing some where when going over bumps, cant quite put my finger on what is rubbing where though wondered if any one else had, had this problem or now how to sort it? or do I need to just drive slower? .... also If I am using the forum wrong in anyway I apologise im still leaning please feel free to correct me!

wanting to lower my 92 panda can any one help point me in the diection of a lowering kit for it or something along those lines not really wanting to cut the springs

this is my car as it is now

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