VW Golf GTI Mk2


As some of you know already, I no longer own a Fiat.

There werent anymore I actually wanted to own again so I decided the only option was to go for a car that Ive wanted since I first started driving. A Golf GTI.


Bought it last week and have to say its a great car. Very quick, very torquey (being an 8v), yet amazingly economic. Averages at 38mpg and ive only used just under half a tank doing 200miles since buying it. Cant complain (y)

When I bought it, the paintwork was red, just a little dull. I polished the bonnet and roof by hand and they came up stunning so decided to buy a rotary polisher. Spent all day today cutting the paint and polishing it up. Its come up stunning. Interior is mint and the engine is top. Very smooth and no nasty rattles or noises :) Not bad for £716.

If anyone fancies a peek, ital be at the stoke on trent meet this month.

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