Panda Tom's Panda 100hp.


Before I bought my panda I owned a Nissan Micra for 4 years and after that a Citroen C2 VTS, the vts I have only owned for a month and a half because my little sister had a crash in it. It was a total loss and we where on the lookout for a new car. Ofcourse the panda! Why hadn't i thought of it before. While I was looking through some old issues of EVO I knew even more it had to be a Fiat Panda. So off to the dealership to testdrive a Black example. I didn't like the look of that particular car because of the roof rails and the tow bar. So we went to look at another car. That was a black panda as well and after a short testdrive I knew I had to get it. It is in a great condition and the paintwork looks nice aswell.

It has done about 35000 miles and is black. I don't have pictures on this site yet. But I do have some videoclips. I see I can't post them until I got five posts so that will be taken care of quickly. (y)

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