128 Tilly our 128 3P


May I introduce our new arrival, Tilly (derived from the number plate).

She's a 1977 Fiat 128 3P with 42,000 miles on the clock. I'd fancied one of these for a while now but never imagined I would be in possession of such a fine example!

At the beginning of this month I flew from Southampton to Edinburgh to collect her, and with just one AA call out I was able to get her 420 miles home the same day.

This was us waiting for the AA man to come and clean out our carburettor jets, well it had been sitting in a showroom for three years! Once done though, and she sailed home with no further trouble.

Having said that, the carb still isn't quite right yet so more to be done.

Here she is last week when we took her to a meeting at Brooklands along with Rosso our 850 Sport Coupe.......

A few more pics from when she first arrived home.......

She was resprayed about 11 years ago and it still looks very fresh now. There were a few small areas of rust dealt with at the time, I have photographic evidence of this, but in the main she is very original. The interior is particularly so, apart from a split in the heal pad on the carpet it's like new!

The plan is simply to look after her in this original condition and take her out when we can. :)

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