the splitty bus resto :D


hiya just a few pics requested for a fellow forum member and a little info to go with it

so the bus doesnt belong to me its a job my mate has been given to complete and has been the ar*eache for the 3 of us for the last few months (the bus hasnt been too much of a problem just the owner keeps changing his mind once things are done and expecting it to be fully restored over night) im helping out doing odds and ends to help him out for letting me store and complete my engine conversion at his unit.

so here it is im unsure of what year it is and most details are quite vague all i know is the owner is a bit of a pita and it gives me muscle spasms from filling and sanding it all lol

a few pics that i got today there wont be loads i might get some more along the way but its probley gonna be now and finished pictures

here goes



a pic from above with two of my mates working hard, or not doing anything,or maybe even having a quick break:confused::confused: lol


most of the filling welding and even a coat of zinc primer on the inside i think there is a bit more sanding to do yet but pretty much ready for paint in the front


the monkeys at work

the monkeys showing me the bird and not actually getting much done today (hey it was xmas a few days ago lol


one from the inside

the underside is pretty much done it was zinc primed followed by lots of coats of stone chip and underseal

all of the suspension and axle parts have been either replaced and painted in the a very thick coating of chassis black



pedal box i think its been reconditioned and painted

this is the rear engine bay has been painted the same colour as what the outside bottom half will be once its finished


for some reason the bloke wanted the wheel arches painted the same colour as the bottom half rather than taking the smarter option imo of having them undersealed and stonechipped to protect it from the elements


i think he originally paid around the £13,000 mark for it in a bad state and after having a new roof put on it by some give it a go hero it started to sag at each window so they repaired that and all is now straight and level, the floor inside has sagged but weve not repaired that as the owner doesnt want it done.

well thats about all the pics i have for now might get some more if i get chance to if not ill post the finished product up around February time

if you have any questions or requests for pics feel free to leave a comment and ill see what i can do

cheers guys


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