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Cinquecento The Doomed Cinq


This is my fifth Cinq and all have met their maker under my ownership; written off, stolen or broken for parts. I don't expect this one to fair any better

I bought this Cinq S off a forum member and it already had sei sporting seats, center console and cinq sporting wheels and suspension. The kid had taken really good care of it, clean/polished etc and suspension wise it was like new. Its dirty in the pics but its winter so let me off

The bodywork is a little battle scarred but its totally solid with zero rot anywhere. The paint is hilariously soft even for a Fiat, it pretty much gets scratched by the wind! I live near/in London so ropey bodywork is an advantage tbh as its currently my daily.

I chucked the decent bits on it from my last cinq which was a dreadful ebay purchase that was broken for spares within a week of me owning it.

It now has a late P60 engine with the 866 cam, gmax lowering springs, some strongflex engine mounts, sporting clocks with mileage corrected and a standard sporting exhaust system. I've changed it back to orange indicators (from sporting stuff) and will be taking the spoiler off the back when I get motivated.

I fitted a sporting front ARB to it which has highlighted that the nankangs its on are dogs**t! Understeer is now the only handling trait it has, I suspect the springs are too stiff and not helping as well.

Plans for immediate future:
- Fit uprated brakes and pads off my last cinq
- Make and fit rear arb
- Get some tyres which aren't hedge magnetic
- Get and fit a bigger bore throttle body
- Remove rear spoiler

Ongoing plans:
- Fit P75 lump from a donor car I have
- battery in boot
- boost
- 14 inch steels which I have but would probably need banding as they're only 5.5j
- Get better springs + dampers

The car is so fun to work on and parts are so cheap that it gets way more attention from me than it ought to. Needless to say its brilliant fun to drive, there isn't much like a hot cento

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