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I'm going to use this thread to document my progress on my Mk1 Punto. It's a 1999 Punto S with the 1242cc 8v engine. I bought it at the end of last week and it needs a few jobs done to it. The car has just under 75000 miles on it and unfortunately at some stage it has fallen into the hands of a chav. So the car needs tidied and de-chaved. :p

Overall it's not too bad. The bodywork is pretty good and mechanically it's good having been serviced recently and had a new clutch and timing belt.

Here's the car:

It's MOTed until July 8th 2011, so the idea is to have it sitting 100% by then.

The chavvy seat covers need to come out, I haven't seen the seats below yet, fingers crossed they are decent.

The engine seems to be running well, it had fresh oil, filters and spark plugs less then 500 miles ago. A coolant change is near the top of my to do list though. The engine bay could also do with a good clean.

I'm still very unsure about the alloys. I haven't decided whether to keep them or to get hold of a set of original steel wheels and fit them. I might be interested in a swapping them for a set of steelies with good tyres and original wheel trims if anyone fancies them.

Another job which I want to do asap is to paint the brakes black. They are currently a chavtastic shade of red. :mad:

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