Panda (Classic) Sisley 4x4 stubbie


Hello Everybody,

I just thought I'd start a new thread in the correct place as I now know how it all works now Yipee :D

Anyway here's Stubbie as per the advertisement before I bought Him/her :slayer:

The Name Stubbie Came from my previous place of work called Stubbers, where I was given a toy (The Cat Toy). Which has always lived in my cars. It's not just that reason though, it's also because it's the first time I remember seeing a panda 4x4 where I worked. It crosses lines as VmanC Sold it to them. (y) I blame him ;)

I've got a previous thread where i started it where you can see the work I've already done Find it here: https://www.fiatforum.com/panda-classic/420870-project-stubbie-panda-sisley-4x4-h809akh.html

So it went to the 1st Panday In September 2015 :)

2nd Panday In December 2015

Update I plan on going to more Panday's in the coming future and possibly Italy next year. At the monument it needs a few bit's doing, Propshaft needs refurb as I might of destroyed that in December :( , got some bullbars to fit and plenty of welding (of course). Once these are done I should be back in business. It is my only car so its a daily rolling project which is challenging and interesting at the same time.

Many Thanks for looking updates to follow soon. have a great day everyone :)

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