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Seicento Seicento sporting! newbie here


Hi everybody, I have this fantastic little motor, which is my seicento! 2003 and in very very good condition for its age, well looked after and in a lovely metallic black. my FIAT SEICENTO SPORTING 1100.jpg Doesnt look too special here as it was the first day at my house.

I passed my test in march and bought this bad boy on the 1st of april for a very good £350! the beast of life.jpg so basically me and my dad went and viewed it, and sadly it was sat at the back of a dealers (who seemed to deal in fancy bmw's etc etc) forecourt under a tree covered in green stuff and old leaves, anyway we get chatting and managed to get him down to £350, after originally wanting £700 for it.

It had been stood their that long when I came to drive it out of the back of the forecourt, it wouldnt move. haha! so the hand break was frozen solid, i managed to free it by giving it a good tug, started to drive it home and then i realized i will be having this car a long time.

my dad ran it for3 month on his traders policy as i couldnt afford to insure it, then in july i insured it for a whopping £1800 with a tracker :mad: i suppose i have to start somewhere, being 17 and everything :D

after hours of polishing and a few things to make it to my taste, oh, and the full service i gave it last week, i am proud to say, i have a right little machine here, anyway, thats my story, ill try give updates on how it goes!

Im new btw :D cheers


the ulitmate machine.jpg
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