Cinquecento Say hello to my little friend...


... and very little it is indeed :D


Cinquecento Sporting 1108. Completly standard. 30072 miles. Lovely condition inside and out, as solid as a rock with no noticable clonking from any of the suspention.. no probs except some juddering and the enginemanagement light coming on for a few secs but the car has been stood for a few weeks (owner got a new car) so could have been some damp getting where it shouldnt have. Will see if it happens again before investigating more, likely the ignition coils anyway (y)

Anyway, collected it today from dulwich in south London. What a nightmare!! was ok and usual traffic untill we got south of the river. was ok for first mile or so along the A205 and then it was complete stand still for about an hour trying to get past clapham common. Took a whole 4:30 hours to get all the way around the north and south circular roads including the ferry crossing at woolwich :D .. its only 24 miles :eek:

crapo pics but its dark outside at night :eek:

so whats ya think??? This will be my 8th fiat in 2 years :rolleyes: :cool: :D but this wont be dissapearing like the others.. ive actually spent some decent money on this one and ive realised centos are the car for me :cool: (y) :D

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