Grande Punto Salv's Black Sporing PICTURES!


Ive had my motor for a year so i thought it would be good to start a thred. its a 2008 1.4 starjet sporting only done 38,000 (basically a t-jet without the "T") being18 insurance is cheaper. was £3000 for the first years insurance now down to £850 (well chuffed)
so far i have:
Taken off the bottom Grill and wet and dried and polished the intercooler
changed standard horns to red air horns (see below) looks like a bull now(y)
Tinted the side lights
bought 2 spare alloys with rubber for £25 absolute bargin of the year
Subwoofer in the boot with controls in the dash
new chrome wheel nuts because the old ones went a white/rusty colour from the salt in the road
new gear linkage because i snapped the old one :D
waxed and polished on alternate weeks
oh and de star-jetted the badge from the grill
Things to do:
paint calipers red
refurb my 2 spare alloys
maybe 10mm rear wheel spacers if i can find a cheap set.
Take a look guys (y)

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