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As many of you know, I'm back in a fiat (My Grande Here)

But I also have another car.. Me and my dad co-own this one and is used as the tow and work horse. I use it quite regularly for towing caravans and trailers, and for going on long motorway journeys, 1/2 Tank to get to Perth from Wakefield :Thumb:

A Vauxhall Signum 1.9 CDTi, we bought her 3 years ago for the grand total of £5k.

Its based loosely on the Vauxhall vectra, with the front half been the same, the rear is designed as a large hatchback. Quite similar in dimensions to the Fiat Bravo

The powertrain is also very similar to the Bravo, with the Fiat Deisels been present in the Signum, and this model boasts the Fiat 1.9 MJ 150T. :D the spec is the second highest with the SAAB 3.0 V6 topping the range

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