Stilo RuSZ' Stilo 1.8 16v Dynamic


Well here it is. After a few years with non Italian cars (boo, hiss) I'm now back in Fiat.

Got a Black 3dr Stilo Dynamic.

She's a 1.8l 16v petrol with he 5 speed box. On a 53 plate and only done 51k miles.

From what I can tell she's had a suspension change, I was told they are OEM springs, but does seem to sit lower than standard [emoji317]

Got a few plans for her:
BMC filter
Tinted windows
Not sure on anything else

But first she's got A few issues that I'll be wanting to sort out first. If you know how to fix anything please reply and let me know :)

-Doesn't like going into reverse (needs the selector greasing)
-needs front badge replacing (anyone selling one?)
-exhaust is blowing (joint onto rear section (needs moving forward)
-skyroof won't open (motor gear isn't catching, can hear it grinding)
-debadge boot (fiat, Stilo and 16v badges)

But other than that she's a good car and I'm happy to be back in a Fiat :D

DSC_0253.jpeg DSC_0254.jpeg DSC_0255.jpeg DSC_0256.jpeg DSC_0258.jpeg DSC_0259.jpeg DSC_0260.jpeg DSC_0261.jpeg DSC_0262.jpeg

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