Coupe Roxy, Coupe 20V Turbo


As some of you know I also own Chalky which is my main mini monster project car. But I needed something to tinker around on and spend as little money on as possible. A reliable daily basically... :rolleyes:

Roxy came up as a "non running" car without tax or MOT and had a fair few issues that needed urgent attention.

The gear selector was seized, meaning side to side throw was non existent. Complete strip down of the gear selector was required. Cleaned, sanded, and polished.

The clutch hydraulics were leaking everywhere so both cylinder have had to be replaced.

Complete service as all the spark plugs were mis matched and not one of them was the same. The car hasn't seen any use in over 2 years so the oils and fluids were all replaced.

Couple of small dents needed to be repaired and blended back in.

A small selection of owners manuals, and tool kits missing which have now been re equipped.

Style upgrades, front grill has been repaired and painted gloss black. The complete LE styling pack has been purchased, requires painting and fitting.

Ported and polished throttlebody with 50% of the throttle restriction removed (I didn't want to remove all of it as I wanted to be able to drive the car).

Coilpack cover has been sanded back and polished. (Tempted to just paint the main cover in wrinkle paint)

GTEC1 remap chip fitted along with a K&N pannel replacement filter.

Here is a few pictures of the car as she stands.


Grill has been refitted.





Leather interior has been repaired and is kept freshly cleaned and moisturized.



Gear selector ready to be bolted back in.


Slightly buggered clutch master cylinder.


Throttlebody prior to porting and polishing, take note of how much material there was.



Top lip has been V'd in, literally taken out 5mm of material all around. Throttle restriction mostly removed but kept some for drive ability. Hand sanded smooth with all cast imperfections removed. Hand buffed and polished to mirror finish. (Willing to do these but at a slightly increased cost over the normal ones PM for info).

I'm currently toying with the idea of possible lowering and LED tail light conversion.



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