Bravo (Classic) Rimmage Ahoy!


Had these sat around for ages and been itching to get them on.. so much so that I actually fitted them to Babzs cinq for a "trial" run which didnt get as far as actually coming off the drive because, well, Cinqs and 17s dont actually work :rolleyes::p

All been down to them first being on ebay. Me buying them and then realising i needed a set of spigot rings. Got those ordered and came a few days later. Went to fit the wheels and realised there not actually Fiat fit :bang: ... So ordered some Torx Wobbly bolts. Came a few days later and ive had them sat around since waiting for a good, non raining, evening for me to get em on!

Today was the day and im veeerrrryyyy pleased :D

Its completly changed the handling and acceleration though which im a little dissapointed. Steering is noticably heavier and stiffer. Maybe a good thing when I actually get out to try it properly. Acceleration has slowed but not majorly. im suprised though, rim diameter really isnt that different and with a nice torque engine under the bonnet, i didnt expect it to be too noticable.

Ah well, still looks damn good :D Next styling mod is lowering! but thats after I fork out for a new clutch :eek:

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