Renault Extra Van Project (soon to be turbo'd)


well, heres my official Renault Extra Van project thread. ive stuck it in 'Lets talk Fiat' as i thought it could sit along side my uno turbo project thread as i know many of you have enjoyed reading it so i thought ud like a simlar thread to read through even tho its not a fiat! if a mod feels it should be deleted can they let me know, cheers.

anyway,i purchased the van as i needed a run about and i had many areas i wanted to cover. i wanted something fun, turbo'd, a van, a renault 5 gt turbo, and a sleeper all in one. so the Renault extra Van was the perfect solution!!

so here is it, sorry its dark, but its the best i have at the moment! basicly the Extra van is a renault 5 with a box on the back lol :D



ooooooo the lovely stickers in the rear window!! gonna keep the original Renault Van one tho, old skool hehe

inside the back, needs a bloody good clean and a few interior smelly things to freshen it up!

lovely retro renault 5 dash, mmmmmm

nice steering wheel and clocks

and heres the the 1.4 petrol n/a pushrod engine! basicly this is like a renault 5 gt turbo engine but without the turbo bits lol! which will make my future plans much easier ;)


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