Grande Punto red t jet (2007) 219bhp.



here is a picture of my red t-jet taken by fastcar at a recent charity event. you cant really see in the picture but there is a side exit stainless steel exhaust system, that is really the only major modification to the exterior of the car. the other exterior modifications such as the wheels have been based around the standard 17" rims that fiat fitted on the car. all i have had done is to have them powdercoated in black then added red and gold candy flake into them.

under the bonnet the engine has virtually been rebuilt with new parts including uprated turbo,intercooler,plugs,induction,cams,mapping etc.
i had the car put on a rolling road a few months ago and the end result showed the car was producing a shade under 220bhp. there a few other little bits ive got planned for the engine over the coming months and i shall keep you all updated with the progress :)

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