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I bought my 1969 500F some time ago and always promised it a rebuild as it was in 'original' condition. I stripped it completely and delivered the body to a mate who specializes in restoration. Over the last couple of months the body was shot blasted, all of the rust removed (and the bits of baked bean tin covering the rust ...) and new panels & sills welded on where required. It is approaching the point where it will be primed and painted bright red. I'll collect photos over the next week or so and post them.

Mechanically the car wasn't too bad. The PO had rebuilt the engine so all I did was remove, clean, rustproof and repaint the cowling and clean the engine and gearbox/diff. I rebuilt the generator - new bearings and brushes and did a similar job on the starter.

The interior was fairly sad so the upholstery has all been replaced using high quality automotive black vinyl with red piping. Very chic.

I'll rebuild the suspension and brakes when I get the car back from the body shop. I'm hoping to lower it a little and fit front disc brakes.

I've attached a photo of the bits lying in our spare room - my wife is very tolerant.


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